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About CX Squared {CX}²

CX Squared, is not your usual recruitment business. We are known as talent solutions, because we are full-service talent business, that offers more than just recruitment. We want to embed ourselves in your business, acting as an extension of your brand, in order to find both the right cultural fit of persona and also the technical skills to do the job needed. The reason a candidate leaves a business 98% of the time, is due to the lack of team fit, but in order to eradicate this issue, we encourage our client’s to understand their own purpose and mission. We are a completely bespoke talent service business, offering hiring solutions for any number of hire, but will work with you to create a hiring strategy that will allow your team to focus on their day job, and us on your hiring.

About Dan Rodrigues

Dan Hoff-Rodrigues is the founder of {CX}² Talent solutions, a community-focused talent recruitment business, which aims to invest time and profits in creating an equal platform for all sectors of society and inspire young people to seek careers in technology. After 9 years of working in the tech recruitment business, Dan became disenchanted with the nature of the industry– it is transactional and CV sifting meant, little focus on the businesses culture and personality fits. When starting {CX}² his goal was to re-shape the industry and also bridge the digital skills gap, this is why The Brum Muse was created. The Brum Muse is a round-table of key influencers within the tech community who share similar beliefs and ideas, they set out to create solutions and tangible actions that work to help developing awareness of digital and technology within students, parents and their teachers. The group also raises awareness of digital poverty in our city and helps make technology more diverse and inclusive within gender, disability and ethnic backgrounds. Dan’s commitment to the digital skills gap has been recognised via his appointment to the West Midlands Digital Skills Partnership Board and being named Community Lead for Digital Skills by Birmingham Tech. His continued visibility within the region as the facilitator and driver of vital topics within Diversity in Tech and the Digital Skills gap is an important factor in order to continue making an impact within this space, and bringing together different contributors, tech businesses and the future-tech generation via various initiatives and events under his “Inspire The Next-Gen Series” umbrella.

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The recruitment industry is far too transactional, lacking that personal touch. We sit inside every client’s business, in order to understand the culture and values. We then hire for attitude and personality, and then technical skills after.

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We are community-focused. This means we give back to the community not wanting anything in return. Karma is a beautiful thing!


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