Adam Wootton

Adam Wootton

Sales Training Advisor

Business Accelerator Advisor since August 2020



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About Impact Sales Coaching:

I have 20 years of sales experience from telesales through to brokering pan-European deals within a variety of sectors including retail, manufacturing and professional services (such as legal and finance). I have managed teams of sales professionals and managed a portfolio worth £85million p/a.

We work with a broad range of markets that include Samal and Medium Entreprises (SME) and corporates to improve their sales performance. We address performance mindset before moving onto core areas of study such as consultative questioning, closing skills, key account management, sales strategy, negotiation skills and pitching. Our coaching is specific to each client and together we create a programme that unlocks the potential within you and your business.

Adam Wootton USP Nr1:

1st Uniques Selling Point:

Mutual accountability backed up by execution and results.

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2nd Uniques Selling Point:

Integrity and added value.

Adam Wootton Ask:

Adams Woottons Ask:

All we ask is to work with business owners who are hungry for change, challenge and growth. This is why we’re called Impact Sales Coaching. We want to have a positive impact on our clients and the community.

Adam Wootton Professional and experienced sales trainer. Making a positive impact on our profession, community and the world one meeting at a time. #results #growth #partnership

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